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What makes us different?  Well, we never spent our time worrying about buying a house or where our children will attend school.  You see, we seem to have trouble laying down our roots and you will notice that we have lived in many beautiful places.

We started our journey in Vancouver and from there we have lived in Halifax, St. John's, Toronto, Charlottetown, & Saint John.  We are compelled by nature, history, and living an authentic life by the sea... [read more]




Last week of Summer

Robert Morrisey

So begins the last week of Summer!  This morning was very noticeably cooler... Autumn is in the air, the leaves, and the sunrise.  And so begins our favourite season, soon!  We've been busy but I will make more of an effort to post here.  Sorry! 

Along the Shubie Canal

Robert Morrisey

The Shubie Canal is so beautiful... so much history, such an amazing story.  I didn't realize that I could follow the trail all the way to the Bay of Fundy and camp along the path.  I think one of these summers we will do it.  Hello September, even though it feels more like July!  So hot & humid from last night's heavy rains.  Well, enjoy it while it lasts.  Pretty soon we'll be slipping and gliding across the Commons... holidays will actually be snow days... Winter is coming. 


Robert Morrisey

The summery weather seems to be returning to Nova Scotia for a short while.  It looks like we have until Wednesday to enjoy the last bit of real summer before the holidays are over and the kids go back to school.  The wind was lovely today even though the sun shone hot.  The rose-hips are out in full force & our dog Rowan seems to be in her own little world out on the Commons.  

We've been finding a lot of freebies in our neighbourhood and have been putting them to good use.  Today we found some planter boxes for our deck.  A few weeks ago we stumbled upon an antique Gramophone cabinet (I'll take some photos of it later) as well as a few tables, and a very old chair.  So, we're not letting our guard down anymore and making sure we closely inspect anything that has been left on the curb.