Lost Swell

Always The Sea



Unfortunately, I won't be posting for awhile. As some of you know our new sanctuary in Vancouver was broken into on September 14th.  Our Canon Rebel camera was stolen as well as our laptop... Two essential components for me to post on this blog. I love sharing my photos with you and am saddened that I can't do it for a long time.

Right now it is financially impossible for us to replace these two expensive things. It really hurts us because we need them to run our business that we love so much.

So, I am reaching out to our community and asking for help.  We are trying to raise  $1000 to get us close to a place where we can actually replace what was stolen. If you would like to show a token of gratitude for the 7 years I have been sharing our lovely little life with you then please follow the link:


Thank you. So grateful for the amazing connections we have made. 









Labour Day

Labour Day

We started our day off consuming delicious doughnuts at Cartem's and browsing bookshops on Pender.  I am currently devouring Chuck Davis' History of Metropolitan Vancouver and it is guiding me into the lesser known historical edifices of this great city.